Convergent evidence suggests that the brain function arises from the activity of neural networks on several different scales, and that malfunctions caused by psychiatric and neurological disorders are due to faulty connectivity. In order to reveal how the brain works as well as to understand the pathophysiological mechanism of psychiatric and neurological disorders, it is necessary to integrate the multi-level network features inferred by various functional and anatomical brain imaging technologies at multiple temporal and spatial scales, as well as the interaction of the individual with social and the environmental factors. We introduce the concept of “Brainnetome” for such integration framework. In more detail we define the essential components of the Brainnetome as follows:

  • Identification of Brain Networks. The first goal of the Brainnetome is to identify brain networks with multimodal neuroimaging techniques, from the finest scale (microtechnique, ultramicrotomy, staining and visualization techniques), to the most macroscopic (EEG, fMRI, dMRI); and to explore the relationship among them. In particular, a new human brain atlas beyond the Broadmann’s will be established by combining brain connectivity with cytoarchitecture and other information on the microscale. This part of the Brainnetome Project is synergic with the Connectome project. ... readmore

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