Ultra HIgh Field MRI

                       Bruker BioSpec 94/30 USR   



The Bruker 9.4T scanner is a dedicated multipurpose research systemfor small animal studies. The higher sensitivity produces superior spatial and/or temporal resolution images, and is critical for in vivo animal imaging. Main advantages of the system include:


ü    Superconducting Magnet System

  • Field strength: 9.4 T
  • Diameter of clear bore: 300 mm
  • Stray-field (5 Gauss): +/- 3.3 m axial, +/- 2.3 m radial
  • Length: 2.08 m and Diameter: 1.706 m

ü    Gradient system B-GA 20S with RT-shim

  • Actively shielded gradients
  • Outer / inner diameter: 301.5 mm / 200.5 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: 300 mT/m and Max slew rate: 640 T/m/s
  • Linearity 130/100 mm DSV: < ± 3% / < ± 2%
  • Water cooled

ü    Gradient/Shim Insert B-GA12S HP

  • This gradient/shim insert allows optimum gradient/shim performance for small samples e.g. mouse and rat examinations. The inserts are fast and easily mountable inside the main system gradient/shim assembly and all protocol, imaging and safety parameters are updated automatically. The option includes:
  • Actively shielded gradient/shim coil B-GA12S HP
  • Inner diameter: 114 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: 660 mT/m and Max slew rate: 4570 T/m/s
  • Water cooled

ü    Various coils are available for different MR studies, including:

  • Large Volume Coil - 154 mm
  • Rat Head Array Coil – 8 Channels
  • Rat Body Coil
  • Mice Head Array Coil

ü    Small animal anesthesia and monitor system available 

ü    Numerous ready to use MRI methods and sequences available 

ü    ParaVision® 6: intuitive software package, for multi-dimensional MRI/MRS  
data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization 

ü    Powerful research environment



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